Jamaican Twitter having fun with viral Daddy1 puns

6ix Dancehall deejay, Daddy1 (Photo: Instagram @Real_Daddy_1)

Dancehall artiste Daddy1’s steady career shows much promise with heavy rotation on the airwaves, as well as on Twitter — being the subject of a series of puns in a trending name game.

The trend, which started earlier in 2019 with A-list Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, got a Custom Jamaican remix around Wednesday.

Taking the game, making it theirs and having fun at the same time, the tweets see Jamaicans putting the BroGad deejay in a series of situations, after which, his name is changed to rhyme with the topic.

Daddy1 owns a bachelor’s yacht: BroPad! (Photo: Instagram: @Real_Daddy_1)

The latest Daddy1-related trending topic are all puns that play with his name — taking Twitter by storm.

BUZZ is not sure which Twitter user started the game, however, the earliest tweet found was made by @JKavJA.

Here are the funniest tweets in the viral BroGad word game:

Earlier in October, Daddy1 made headlines after Prime Minister Andrew Holness adopted his BroGad moniker for roughly an hour at the request of Twitter users.

PM Holness changed his Twitter name to Most Honourable BroGad, sending laughter and giggles rippling across social media.

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