Jamaican vlogger Queenie hits back at critics who ‘skinny shamed’ her boyfriend

Queenie is one of the most popular social media personalities in the Diaspora, but that didn’t stop her from being dragged after she posted a photo of her boyfriend on Wednesday ( September 30).

Queenie was on the defence after she shared a photo on her Instagram page of her new beau.

“My tweety pie man. Nor lie mi marga man give me a double tap buzz. O sorry I forget being slim is a crime,” said Queenie, as she shared a photo of her shirtless bae rocking shorts with boxers visible, complete with a man bag and cap.

Shortly after posting the photo, the Instagram naysayers began to comment, with many criticising the man for his incredibly slender physique.

“Him need likkle aptamine syrup him too maga,” said one Instagram user.

“Catch skeleton bone,” added another.

However, Queenie was unfazed by the negative comments later making a video defending her man.

According to Queenie, people are too judgemental, adding that if he was fat people would still complain. She noted thathe made her happy and that she wasn’t going to let haters get her down.

“Unno terrible still inno man. Why unno a done the man suh? Unno can choose fi people? Some fat, some slim; if yuh fat yuh cuss seh dem fat, if them slim, unno cuss seh them slim,” said Queenie in a video posted on her page.

“All unno a write a chat it can’t change the fact that he is someone I love and he makes me happy fi di likkle time and I hope it goes on and on,” added Queenie.

Queenie shared that those wishing for her to commit suicide would never see that happen noting that she was too much of a nice person with good energy.

Queenie recently returned to London from a trip to Jamaica, where she buried her brother. 

During her visit to Jamaica the vlogger was seen chilling with several dancehall artistes including D’Angel and rising producer Delomar from RDX.