Jamaican vlogger Queenie is engaged

Jamaican vlogger Queenie

Ella Mai’s Boo’d Up was the background music, house wear chic was the dresscode, and honeymoon stage was the vibe when Queenie’s quarantine boyfriend popped the question this week.

Trembling, Queenie recorded the moment which she dubbed a moment of a lifetime.

“I’m overjoyed, overwhelmed, mi nuh know weh fi do wid myself,” she said in the Instagram video. “Dowey say he wanna marry me for my 51th birthday so we a go get engaged now.”

This was quite literal.

“She gi me dah special feeling deh. Will you marry me?” he asked.

“You know mi will,” she responded.

Between kisses and embraces emerged a diamond-encrusted ring. He gave a close-up of the rock while she gave her hand to accept his proposal.

“You know seh from the ring go pon di finger she seh yes,” he said.

But as the ring was mid-finger, Queenie stopped him.

“Yes I do seh yes but wait deh mek we pray,” she said. “God is good, God is great, give Him thanks for this engagement moment with me and Dowey… God wish we glory.”

“Amen enuh Fada God, a you put it together and everything connect from deh so,” he added.

The popular London-based vlogger expressed thanks to her boo, and said she has wanted to get married for a long time.

“Thank you Dowey, mi really appreciate it and listen, nothing nuh last forever. Queenie enjoy it while it last, make the best of it, and memba we a guh go through a lot of ups and downs but we haffi stick together.”

Dowey also thanked her for being there for him and showing him “a brighter picture.”

Though love was in the Instagram air, not everyone sent congratulations. Some people suggested that the young man only wants UK citizenship and the engagement is fake. Queenie hit back.

“Weh unno mean by nuh real? Mi and di man deh. People can married fi six weeks, six years, six months, six centuries and it goes on and on. It is real, happy fi mi fi di moment… Di ring weh deh pon mi finger is a start. Suppose mi go dung a hell tomorrow? At least mi can seh Dowey did appreciate me and if him waan come a foreign, after him a nuh idiot, him could a have him Queen a live a England and him nuh waan come a England? Of course London is in it as well, he’s gonna come to London… Me and him a go tour the world and do music…”

The Double Tap singjay has had to defend her relationship many times since they met months ago, with critics finding fault with his youth and image. Queenie has also publicly responded to women who claim to be involved with the man, saying she will not hold him captive and is just enjoying her life.

“Life is short, corona a kill off people, the system lockdown… thank you Dowey, good effort, smart youth,” she said in another celebratory post.

He has also shared the moment on his social media page.

“Some ppl wait a lifetime but just believe cause yuh gimi dah special feeling so I know its dah moment my queen,” he said. “Make mi tell yuh dis yuh a wife fi life and i want to see dah smile on ur face foreva yuh ere my baby.”