Jamaican YouTuber gifts boyfriend a car

Trish Sassy and her boyfriend Rolley SoEasy

“Good body man fi get things!”

At least, that’s what Jamaican YouTuber Trish Sassy says. The popular vlogger surprised her boyfriend Rolley SoEasy with a car in a video posted on Thursday.

The YouTube couple has been together for less than two years and is notorious for pulling extreme pranks on each other so many subscribers showed scepticism in the comments. Rolley wasn’t initially sold either.

The vlog starts with Trish visiting various dealerships to find a car no more than three million dollars.

“Mi see weh him go through and all a dem something deh and I think him deserve it,” she said. “Me inna a position where I can get it for him now, like, mi eligible for certain stuff so mi just a use it to my advantage and get him a car.”

It took her a week to find the “dream car” and it was now time for the reveal.

Trish asked Rolley to meet her at the AC Hotel on Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston and he thought it was for a lunch date.

Let’s backtrack. A few days ago he told her to get dressed up for a dinner date at the same hotel but it turned out to be a prank. Trish was understandably upset and he promised to take her eventually.

Fast forward.

“Mi done tell yuh seh mi a go bring yuh, yuh nuh need fi bring mi,” he said upon his arrival.

“Yuh cya just trust mi fi once and mek mi do something fi yuh?” she asked.

The couple made their way to the entrance and Trish told him to continue to the roof where the car was secretly parked.

His mask made for an impromptu blindfold as he was led to the car. A Nissan Bluebird Sylphy awaited when he removed the mask, but he remained composed as he wasn’t sure if it was a prank.  

“A fool yuh tek mi fah?” he asked.

“See your key here,” she handed.

His questions continued as he inspected the car and he eventually asked for the documents to verify her claim. It was upon reading the papers that he finally embraced the excitement. He scooped her up and spun her around before they took the new whip for a ride.

In his own vlog, Rolley shared that he had actually been saving for a car years ago but was robbed. The content creator, who completed building his dream home in December, said he’d been spending recent nights looking at cars as a form of manifestation. Trish said she saw his desire and decided to get it for him.

He expressed his gratitude and joy throughout the video.

Trish Sassy’s channel has more than 57,000 subscribers

“Mi nuh see nuh future without you so thanks fi always mek things possible.”

Trish has a subscriber count of 57,000 while Rolley’s vlog channel has 106,000. They also have a couple’s channel with 11,000 subscribers.