#JamaicanTwitter users annoy their kidnappers in viral game

Twitter is such an amazingly conflicting place, and in customary fashion, Jamaican users have taken a serious topic and turned it into a hilarious game.

The latest trend, which picked up steam over the weekend, sees #JamaicanTwitter confront their kidnappers just two minutes into the abduction.

The earliest tweet is seemingly from @Shinelkal, who asked her abductors if her best friend could accompany her to make the kidnapping that much more bearable…

Listen… I- I need a moment.

Why are we like this?

These tweets are so hilarious and honestly would send any possible kidnapper up the wall.

From FIFA football, air conditioning to a few spliffs and demands for music – #JamaicanTwitter has a crude, but unrelenting sense of humour!!   

While BUZZ isn’t trying to make light of such a serious problem in Jamaica and across the world, here are some of funniest tweets from the game:

Article by Nigel Carlington