Jamaica’s 10 hottest celebrity moms

They’ve all swaddled, changed diapers and prepared for nap-times. 

But rocking mommy pants are probably a ‘hell no’ for this group. 

These women balance ‘mommy-hood’ with ‘hot-gyalism’ very well, keeping hair, make-up and gel manicures in good order –Talk about snap back!

Today BUZZ  is counting down the island’s top 10 hottest celebrity moms.

# 10 Tami Chin Mitchell 

This songbird ditched vocal practice for entrepreneurship when she took the beauty industry by storm with Blow by Blow and now she and hubby Wayne Marshall run the YouTube block with ‘Meet the Mitchells’. 

In the midst of her many career changes, Tami gave birth to three sons and continues to maintain her upbeat personality.

Being one of the realest ones out there, Tami has been candid about her experience, from the changes in her body to the hecticness of having small children running around- she’s documented it all and manages to stay fab while doing it. 

#9 Nicole McLaren Campbell

She’s the CEO and founder of AIM Educational Services, and when she’s not busy prepping  students for success in their next educational milestone, she’s focused on keeping her body in the right posture to complete her deadlifts.

It is hard to believe that Nicole McLaren Campbell  is a mom of two as she makes balancing mommy-hood, a full time job and gym look super easy.

McLaren Campbell also checks the box for her wifely duties as she manages to shower hubby dancehall star Agent Sasco with plenty of love on the gram. 


# 8 Kandi King 

Newly minted mommy Kandi King welcomed her first princess on January 4, 2021.  And Kandi is already back in the gym.

To be fair, she never really stopped her fitness journey with the then heavily pregnant entrepreneur rocking workout gear with a resistance band always nearby.

The Toyota Jamaica brand ambassador/ influencer appears to be settling into mommy-hood quite nicely, showcasing photos of herself and baby on the gram, while slowly getting back  into the work groove as Director at  Xaymaca International; plus she’s been very open about the great support that she’s been receiving from partner reggae artiste Jesse Royal.

# 7 Natasha Berridge 

It is the perfect blend of motherhood and carnival with mommy Natasha Berridge knowing  how to enjoy the best of both worlds . 

The Kittitian national who shares a daughter with Chris Gayle is the co-founder for Ultra Carnival and is immersed in fashion and all things carnival – and she has daughter Kris-Allyna clung to her hips every step of the way. 

Natasha stays current with up-to -date fashion trends while maintaining a thick as thieves bond with her daughter who she describes as  the “why” of her life. 

#6 Yendi Phillipps

If you follow this former beauty queen on Instagram, you’ll know how much of a proud mom she is.

Yendi Phillipps who  is number six on our list has been in the public eye for almost 20 years, yet she manages to stay relevant and always looks fantastic.

Having recently joined the growing number of celebs getting into the YouTube hussle, Phillipps stands out from the pack. Mimicking an Oprah interview style, Phillipps provides a platform for notable Jamaicans to share their life story.

It is not all work for this media personality as she has said, time and time again, that her daughter, who she has affectionately labelled her ‘ womb fruit’,  is her first priority.

While mindful of privacy, from time to time Phillipps highlights her daughter affectionately called Izzy on the gram with the mother and daughter duo often rocking  matching hairdos.

#5  D’Angel 

D’Angel is the definition of snap back and a hot momma. 

Most of us can vaguely remember when D’Angel was pregnant in 2006, she was glowing and coming off the heels of dancehall’s biggest, most memorable weddings. 

D’Angel was back in the spotlight less than 2 months after giving birth and she was looking amazing.

Now with a 14-year-old son, D’Angel says when it comes to her parenting she is ‘head cook and bottle washer’ doing everything for her beloved Marco Dean. 

Despite noting that parenting isn’t an easy task, she still makes time to strut  her long legs and fashionable styles all across the gram.

#4 Spice 

Despite the pandemic entertainer Spice is on the road 24/7 performing at shows, putting her talent on display and wowing her audience with her acrobatic moves and yet she still manages to play mummy.

Her super daring outfits and style have nothing on her being a disciplinarian mom and a homework guru.  

Spice often uses the gram to share with her audience how she vibes with her son and daughter, who she showers with love, kindness and gifts.  

#3 Jodi Jinx Henriques 

If you watch Jodi Jinx’s Instagram stories on a regular basis you will understand why she’s number 3 on our list. 

From taking Levi and Remi to  pre-school each morning to her nightly bedtime stories, read to a never tired Remi, Jodi Jinx is a full- time mom. 

It is difficult not to enjoy Jinx’s snaps, which are full of  ‘cute kiddy and mommy’ content. While she may be a full time mommy and maybe even a domestic goddess (occasionally showing off her very bourgeois culinary sensibilities in the form of  instructions for making Shepherd’s Pie )Jodi is also a certified hot gyal, switching gears on YouTube from mommy to that gyal pal with no filter.  

While it can be tmi sometimes (candida in hair?) Jodi knows how to keep viewers entertained, whether it is mommy content or girl talk, she wears both hats well.  Did we mention she’s smoking hot? 

# 2  Emily Shields 

Lawyer, radio presenter, wife, mom and avid bread maker- what can’t Emily Shields do? 

This mom of two, which includes a drop dead gorgeous adult son, is a super mom  and she let’s nothing stop her from balancing her family life and work life.

Shields not only manages to pull off the balancing act but stays in tip top shape, maintaining a rigid daily exercise routine.

While her life may seem fitting of a cold and impersonal human machine with her many responsibilities, Shields is Jamaica’s intellectual sweetheart.

Shields utilizes her Thursday- Friday slot on the  radio programme, Hotline, to carry out philanthropic endeavours, providing care packages to those in need, while  giving  listeners a daily dose of  laughter with her entertaining conversations with regular callers  ‘Comrade’ and ‘Miss Lucy’; she even makes time to give a listening ear to callers who are in need of some free legal advice. 

# 1 Shenseea 

Real number one trending gyal Shenseea is the definition of mommy and hot gyal swag.

 The dancehall artiste owns the gram, having the most followers on the platform.*

Shenseea keeps her feed very active stepping out in fashionable suits that wow and always having son Rajeiro Lee nearby.

From outros on her songs, and appearances on her feed and story, Shenseea loves to give her son the spotlight showering him with plenty of love and affection.

Don’t get it twisted, Shenyeng isn’t just putting her son in the spotlight she is also orienting young Rajerio in the entertainment business, with Rajerio serving as brand ambassador for  soft drink  company, Chubby. as well as, a host of other entities. 

Shenseea maintains that motherhood is her first priority having said her son is the major driving force behind her work ethic that has seen her rise very quickly in the dancehall space to becoming arguably the most recognizable female artiste  both locally and internationally.