Jamaica’s entertainment industry mourns death of dancer Tippa

Tippa passed away on Tuesday at hospital.

The entertainment fraternity in Jamaica is currently mourning the loss of popular dancer Tippa, who passed away earlier this week.

It is understood that the dancer, whose real name is Fredrick Moncrieffe, died on Tuesday at hospital.

“The news of your passing was too sudden bredda.”

— Orville Hall

Since then, several members of the entertainment industry have been reacting the news of Tippa’s death.

“R.i.P Tippa! #Intense Foundation from dem time deh! Dance into the afterlife my G! Bless,” said Sanjay Ramanand, one of the hosts of Intense, a popular show on which Tippa was a regular fixture some years ago.

The Facebook page for Intense also commented on Tippa’s passing, offering condolences to his family and friends.

Fellow dancer Orville Hall of Dance Xpressionz was also shaken by the news.

“Been holding this from early today. The news of your passing was too sudden bredda… with all that’s been happening I could’ve done without hearing this, it’s been over 25yrs… what is important now is for us to help to make your legacy live. Sleep in peace Bro,” he said on Tuesday.