Jamaica’s PM says government will invest in dancehall music

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness, seems to have taken dancehall artiste Popcaan’s advice about investing in dancehall music. He announced in the country’s parliament on Tuesday (April 13) that his government will be doing just that.

“This Government will invest in dancehall. We will invest in the music,” Holness declared.

He added; “Dancehall is being hijacked. Other people are taking our music and making more money off it because the people who are carrying the music not seeing the economic value in the music.”

Holness’s commitment comes off the heels of him chiding dancehall artistes, saying that they are being irresponsible with their often violent lyrics.

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In the same breath, the prime minister is also promising monetary relief to entertainers and others in the entertainment industry to alleviate the impact COVID-19 has had on the sector.

“We understand the hurt and suffering. Many have lost significant resources, so we are going to have to make an allocation,” he said. “I do plan to call in the leaders of the industry. We want to have an engagement because we see our music and our culture as a part of our economic recovery.”

The entertainment industry has been seriously impacted since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Especially because its events are deemed as hotspots for the spread of the virus.

But according to Holness, this will all change once the country gets COVID-19 under control.

“When the lockdown is over, I don’t think you going to have hands to manage parties and concerts and just people having fun,” he said.