Jay-Z hits market with ‘Monogram’ cannabis line

Jay-Z’s cannabis line Monogram launched yesterday, December 10.

Rapper and businessman Jay-Z

The line comes less than two months after the rapper turned business mogul shared his plans for his first venture into the marijuana industry.

Jay-Z said, “Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, yet it is still an industry whose legacy of skilled craftmanship is often overlooked.

“I created MONOGRAM to give cannabis the respect it deserves by showcasing the tremendous hard work, time and care that go into crafting a superior smoke. MONOGRAM products are next level when it comes to quality and consistency and we’re just getting started.” 

Monogram hit the market with four strains considered “light,” “medium,” or “heavy.” There’s also the OG handroll, which sells for US$50 and takes inspiration from premium cigars, while a loosies pre-roll pack retails for US$40. The flower version of the line will be available in 2g and 4g jars, retailing for US$40 and US$70.