Jayda Cheaves, Gregory Wright fined $800,000 for gun charges

Jayda Cheaves

US social media star and entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves and George Wright,  a member of her entourage, have been convicted of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

They were about to depart the Sangster Airport aboard a private jet Monday when the weapons were found.

The pair appeared in the Western Regional Gun Court earlier today where they were fined JM $500,000 (US $3,367) or 12 months imprisonment for illegal possession of a firearm and $300,000 (US $2,020) or 12 months imprisonment for illegal possession of ammunition.

Reports are that about 1:10 p.m. on Monday, police personnel working at the airport in Montego Bay, St James, were alerted by their Jamaica Customs counterparts who reportedly discovered anomalies in the luggage of Cheaves and Wright.  

During a search of the luggage, two black cases –  one containing a black Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol with eight 9mm cartridges and a black, grey and pink SCCY 9mm pistol with seven 9mm cartridges were found.

Cheaves and Wright admitted to owning the weapons, however, checks revealed that upon their arrival on the island they had failed to declare possession of the firearms and ammunition.