JDF investigating Intence for wearing official combat uniform

Dancehall artiste, Intence

Dancehall artiste Intence might have removed the post of him decked out in Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) uniform from his Instagram account, but it was a little too late.

The JDF has already gotten wind of it and is investigating.

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Intence posted a photo of himself in the official land variation digital combat uniform. This is illegal and in contravention of Jamaica’s Defence Act.

In January 2015, the JDF changed its uniform from the disrupted pattern material (DPM) camouflage uniform to the DPM. This uniform has built-in security and identification features that are not easily duplicated.

Back then, the JDF had said that civilians in possession of DPM gear had presented a breach of security as “these uniforms often end up in the hands of criminals”.