Jennifer Lopez accused of copying Beyoncé at American Music Awards

Can you spot the differences?

Jennifer Lopez performed at the American Music Awards last evening and while the ageless beauty captivated viewers, it’s her act that had some thinking she took more than a couple notes from the Queen Bey.

You could be forgiven for thinking you were watching Beyoncé performing with husband Jay-Z at the 2014 Grammys after seeing J.Lo’s hair, the outfit, the lighting and the chair dancing for her duet with Maluma.

The short, wet hairstyle and the black bodysuit with cutouts were a little too close to Bey’s, as Twitter went in on the artiste for copying her style. Others, however, were more forgiving and said the performance could have been Lopez’s way of paying homage to Mrs Carter.

As with all things in the Twitterverse, the conversation soon flipped as some users said Bey has been known to borrow a concept or two from other artistes.

Check out the vids and let us know your thoughts, BUZZ fam!