Jenny Jenny under fire for ‘insensitive interview’ with gay Jamaican

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Radio presenter and controversial commentator Jennifer ‘Jenny Jenny’ Smalls has found herself under the scrutiny of social media users this weekend for a video in which she speaks with an openly gay Jamaican man about his sexuality.

It could easily be gleaned that Jenny Jenny has not struck enough balance as she emerged as a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday (July 11).

The video, which Jenny Jenny had posted to her YouTube channel and social media pages on Wednesday (July 8), has many expressing their disappointment with the way the man, who identified himself as Sekou Samuels, and his queerness were repeatedly questioned.

The nearly two and a half-minute clip starts with Jenny Jenny at the Hard End Fitness Factory on Ardenne Road in Kingston with Samuels. She inquired about his choice of clothing as he completed (or began) his workout.

“Sekou, weh yuh clothes? Why yuh nuh wear clothes, why yuh nuh like clothes?” she began.

Samuels, explaining his workout fit, said that he wears what is comfortable and shows off his toned physique, however, the questioning from Jenny Jenny continued.

“But dem ago seh yuh gay, does it matter if dem seh ‘A gay yuh gay’, why yuh dress so?” Smalls asked Samuels.

“But I am,” he replied simply.

Based on the conversation at hand, the self-proclaimed ‘Energizer Bunny’ assumed the man was coming out of the closet, to which he responded, he’d been out and his parents are aware to some extent.

The Hitz 92 FM personality then asked the man how did he “become gay” or if there was a place he went to where it happened. I-

Sekou Samuels, an obvious fitness enthusiast, had much more patience than I did because I mentally clocked out at that stage. The man, willing to edify her, explained that being gay isn’t something that could be tied to choice, location or happenstance.

“I don’t think somebody becomes gay, it’s always there. I don’t think you can formulate it, in terms of explaining to yourself what it is,” he said calmly.

She then turns to the man to ask him what she can do to ensure her own son doesn’t become gay. Jenny Jenny continued to seek clarity on whether it was something she could feed her son’s mind from or prevent him from having open thoughts.

Watch the video below:

Still patient, Samuels put a scenario to the radio presenter to help her along the path, but her narrative was incredibly disingenuous.

You see, Jenny Jenny has posted videos about her understanding of homosexuals, calling them “some of the nicest people” one could ever meet.

At the same time, rooted in her Christian beliefs, she wonders what God does with gay people when they die, since the Bible determines them to be among its list of ‘sexual sins’ with adultery and the like.

“I have discovered that some of the nicest people are gay people. It is hard to dislike gay people because they are so nice. They’re warm, they’re kind, they’re always helping and therefore, the question is, if they are born this way, then how will God treat these nice people?” she asked her audience.

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Posted by JENNY JENNY on Saturday, February 9, 2019

Like myself, many Jamaicans have blasted the broadcaster for harassing Samuels under the guise of content for her social media pages. It needs to stop.