Jermaine Edwards makes Rebel Salute debut tonight, says he won’t be preaching

Gospel singer Jermaine Edwards has no reservations about performing at the roots, marijuana-accented music festival, Rebel Salute. Tonight will mark his first appearance at the festival, which unfolds at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St Ann.

“It’s a good thing for me in terms of my mandate, I need to be a light in every place,” Edwards told BUZZ. “The Bible says being a salt that isn’t used makes no sense, you just need to dash it away. Salt doesn’t make any sense until it is either used to preserve or bring out the flavour of something it is put on.

“God never calls us to the righteous, but Him call us to the unrighteous. There’s gonna be a lot of people there; Rastafarians, people who aren’t Christians, people who don’t subscribe to God, so it’s for me to go on that platform and just do what I do, it’s a seed.”

Fans and newbies of Edwards’ music can expect to experience soul-moving vocals and gospel music that indeed uplifts the name of Jesus Christ, but also inspires and encourages just about anyone. What you won’t experience, according to Edwards, is preaching.

“It’s a good thing for me in terms of my mandate, I need to be a light in every place.”

— Jermaine Edwards

“I’m not going to preach and seh, ‘give your life to God right now’ cause there are many people who will not give their lives today but will give their lives next year, sometimes some people aren’t in that place,” the No Weapon singer said.

“We can’t dictate a man’s journey and we can’t dictate how fast the seed will take to grow. Some seeds take five years, some seeds take weeks before you start seeing evidence of it so my job is not to preach to anybody nor tell them to get saved now, but I want to give them a different perspective and hope that the energy through my music can convict them to start the journey.

Edwards is committed to sharing the gospel on whatever platform he is given. (Photo: Instagram – Jermaine Edwards)

“Some will fall on good ground, some will fall on bad ground, but I’m hoping that it will at least start the journey in another man’s life, bring some hope and let them see the good works in me while glorifying God in heaven.”

Edwards joins other gospel acts on the two-day lineup including Stephen ‘Dancehall Pastor’ Blake and Rhoda Isabella.

Among tonight’s performers are Toots and the Maytals, Steel Pulse, Sanchez, Leroy Sibbles, Bobi Wine, Flourgon, Chi Ching Ching and Heavyweight Rockaz.