JetBlue suspends flight attendant who falsely claimed she was kidnapped in Jamaica

JetBlue has suspended a flight attendant after she falsely claimed over the weeknd that she had been kidnapped in Jamaica.

JetBlue has suspended Kalina Collier who falsely claimed she was kidnapped while in Jamaica.

The flight attendant’s suspension was noted in an email sent out by JetBlue’s spokesman, Derek Drombrowski, who apologised to the Government of Jamaica and the country’s people following the incident. 

“An update… The crewmember has been suspended while the investigation takes place. We deeply apologise to the people of Jamaica and the Jamaican Government for the concern and frustration this incident caused,” said Dombrowski in an email on Monday (February 16). 

Senior advisor in the Ministry of Tourism, Delano Seiveright, also told BUZZ the airline’s CEO Robin Hayes had an early morning call with the ministry where he reiterated the company’s commitment to Jamaica and also apologised for the incident. 

“The CEO of JetBlue, Robin Hayes, spoke to Minister Bartlett today. He personally apologised to the Government of Jamaica, the Prime Minister and the people of Jamaica for what has transpired,” Seiveright said.

“And of course reiterated JetBlue’s commitment to Jamaica and his close bonds with the people of Jamaica. Minister Bartlett thanked him for the call, reiterated some of the issues at hand. We look forward to continuing to discuss this situation with JetBlue,” added Seiveright.

Over the weekend, Kalina Collier set in motion a firestorm on social media after alleging she was kidnapped on the island.

However, local police revealed that Collier had tested positive for the coronavirus when she arrived on the island and was placed in isolation, in keeping with the country’s COVID-19 protocols.

The police have asked the public to stop sharing social media posts involving the spurious allegations made by Collier.