Jimmy Cliff says COVID-19 is ‘an alien agenda’

Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff has described the COVID-19 pandemic as “an alien agenda” in a song entitled COVID-19.

The iconic Jamaican artiste recently released the tune which he shared to his Facebook page.

According to Cliff, he is intending to send a positive message of hope with the new track.

“I’m asking the nation of Jamaica (also the world) to come together in traditional love as we collectively fight this virus as I describe as an ‘alien agenda’ to our lives,” said Cliff in the caption for the post, announcing the new tune.

 Cliff went on further to say that in light of the limited access to approved vaccines, a good way to tackle the virus is by utilizing natural remedies.

“With lack of access to international approved vaccines I advise people use our natural remedies of our traditional culture combining ginger, tumeric, green tea, vitamin c, zinc etc.. as the main source of healing as for many of us it’s our only choice that should be used to rekindle and maintain our immune systems now and in the future” he added.

Cliff closed his post with a call to action, stressing the need for people to be more cleanly, noting that cleanliness is Godliness

“So all of what our old time people used to say and practice is needed now in relation to our hands, mouth, noses and thoughts. Come Together in Love” he remarked.

The acclaimed singer recently indicated that he had completed his album entitled ‘Bridges’.

The album is said to highlight the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for human unity.