Jodi Jinx wants Spice’s ex dancer to teach her how to twerk

‘How can I learn to do that,’ was the question on Jodi Jinx’s mind after she watched a video of dancer TC  twerking up a storm on Instagram.

The skill of Spice’s former dancer seems to have struck a chord with Jinx, among other Instagram users, who were fascinated by the mesmerizing manner in which TC moved her bottom.

In a 60 second long video, TC is seen thrusting and rotating her pelvic girdle in a rhythmic pattern to Toronto rapper, Khem, and Skillibeng’s latest collaboration.

TC twerking up a storm in an Instagram video

“Go run up @skillibeng and @khem6up new song BAD B****on YouTube,” wrote TC in the caption for the short clip, laced with plenty of booty popping action.

Sean Paul’s wife was one of the first users to take to the comment section to inquire about how she could learn to dance like that.

“How does one learn to do that?? Asking for me,” said Jodi Jinx.

Turns out Jodi Jinx was not the only one eager to learn, with scores of IG user endorsing her comment using the like button.

Others clearly enamoured by TC’s dancing, took to the comments to say that her twerking made it difficult to concentrate on the music.

“Me feel me a see too far😳, me want hear weh the man a say ina him song and everything just spread out ina the screen so,” said local skin care entrepreneur Nikki Chromazz

“Same so me feel 😂😂 me no hear 1 lyrics all now,” added another IG user.