Journalists apologise for dragging Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy

Jay-Z poses with his daughter, Blue Ivy.

Two journalists are issuing apologies for dragging Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, for looking like her father Jay-Z.

After our resident hot girl, Megan Thee Stallion, posted adorable photos with Queen Bey and Blue on her Instagram and Twitter accounts on Wednesday, Vanity Fair writer Kameron Austin Collins wrote: “I have a feeling the Jay-Z face genes are about to really hit Blue Ivy, and I feel so sorry for her.”

“Sorry that I insulted Beyoncé’s daughter by suggesting that she might get plastic surgery some day.”

— Lucca

Trolling a kid

His tweet started a chain of two adults trolling a kid about her physical features, when Harper’s web editor Violet Lucca responded.

“They haven’t already?” she sarcastically asked.

Collins answered: “You’re right. But she’s lucky – if it happens now she’ll definitely grow out of it. Get the ugly duckling phase done early.”

Megan Thee Stallion (right) posted this photo with Blue Ivy (left) and Beyonce recently.

Lucca wrote: “Or she’ll just get plastic surgery at 16 a la Kylie Jenner and we’ll all have to pretend that she always looked that way.”

Feeling the heat

The exchange was picked up by several Twitter users who blasted the media influencers for belittling the child for her ethnicity and appearance.

“There’s nothing harmless about insulting a child’s features.”

— Author Mikki Kendall

Feeling the heat, Collins deleted his post and tweeted an apology.

“I’m sorry about the Blue Ivy tweet – bad joke, and black girls in particular deserve better.”

Lucca’s apology came next.

“Sorry I was cleaning my apartment while this blew up…children of famous ought to be off limits, but time and again they haven’t been. So, I said something petty and have been called ugly, old, and a racist,” Lucca said.

Blue Ivy Carter (left) and Beyonce Knowles-Carter attend the World Premiere of Disney’s The Lion King in California last year.

Not impressed

“I’m not playing the victim…sorry that I insulted Beyoncé’s daughter by suggesting that she might get plastic surgery some day, like many children of famous people do.”

But Twitter users aren’t impressed, and some have chided Lucca for her ‘carefree’ apology.

Author Mikki Kendall said: “There’s nothing harmless about insulting a child’s features regardless of whether that child has famous parents or not. There’s no value in colorism, anti-blackness or attempting to pretend that class is a justification for targeting a 7-year-old with insults.”