JPS wicked: Skatta Burrell upset at high electricity bills

Dancehall producer, Skatta Burrell

Dancehall producer, Skatta Burrell is the latest Jamaican celebrity crying foul at the exorbitant electricity bills he’s been receiving from the Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS.

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In a post of his Instagram, the Downsound Records producer shows his followers in electricity bills from May to September of this year. The bills range from a low of $40, 683 to $53,143.

“JPS wicked, dem wicked, dem wicked. Mi wah know why dem so wicked, how dem wicked. But I know di bugga dem wicked,” he sings as he skipped through each bill.

Burrell expressed that he doesn’t understand why his electricity bills are so high, as he doesn’t even watch TV.

“Poor Man’s cry. dutty #jps mi cyaa keep up. I DON’T HAVE A RECORDING STUDIO AT MY HOUSE. I don’t even watch TV,” he wrote.

And has he vented his frustration with the light and power company, many people commented that they shared his sentiments.

“The day JPS monopoly for electricity supply is removed. Jamaicans will be better off. I cannot understand how JPS has a monopoly yet as an organisation its still not profitable. So where is all the money going?,” one person commented.

“They are killing us for no reason….mine went from..3800 TO 7600,” another said.

“Report this to OUR and local mp,” one person advised.