Just say when! Konshens, Spice collab coming soon

Konshens uploaded a snippet of a music video featuring dancehall heavyweight Spice yesterday, and anticipation is now at an all-time high!

The video shows Spice and Konshens aboard a bus with Konshens seemingly playing the role of a conductor and Spice a passenger. 

Konshens uploaded the video to his Instagram account without audio, keeping fans in the dark as to the nature of the lyrics or when the track will even be released. However, the Stop Sign artiste called on fans to text the fire emoji if they wanted the single to be released.

Since then, fans and artistes alike have been clamouring for the single to drop with the likes of Demarco, Kemar Highcon and Natel joining the call.

It’s been a long time since both artistes have worked together and fans are looking forward to what this track has to offer.

The two were last seen together on the YouTube show Spice It Up! Where Konshens spoke about his career, the coronavirus and the current state of his relationship with Spice.