Just ‘Simma’: Beenie Man gearing up to release delayed album

It seems dancehall artiste Beenie Man is now ready to release the album he promised to make available on his birthday a month ago.

Many expected Beenie Man to release his album last month. (Photo: Instagram – Beenie Man)

Last month, the entertainer promised to drop an album called Simma on his birthday, August 22. However, no album was released on that day and not much was said thereafter.

He even had a birthday party and was criticised because many of the guests weren’t wearing masks as suggested by the COVID-19 protocols.

Then there was the death of his mother in September, and Beenie Man wiped his Instagram page clean.

He resurfaced on the platform earlier this week to thank his fans for their support as he mourned the loss of his mother.

A day after, Beenie Man posted a fiery image of the album name on his Instagram page.

However, the ‘Doc’ has not said when the album will be released. The only clue might be found in his Instagram biography that says “SIMMA #TheAlbum Sept”.

Beenie Man has released many albums over the years, with his most recent being Unstoppable in 2016. In 2001, he won the Grammy Award for the Best Reggae Album with Art & Life.