Just talk to me normal! DJ Khaled shuts down IG model twerking on his live

Music producer, DJ Khaled (Photo: Hiphopdx)

Instagram Lives is where its at these days BUZZ Fam, I’m sure you’ve tuned into a few yourself to ease the boredom of quarantine. Now there is one particular live that have been blowing up all over the place, involving superstar producer, DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled had originally gone on Instagram Live to talk to Timbaland about life in quarantine when IG model Sophia James appeared, and decided to give him a show.

She began twerking, positioning her derriere to the camera and pouring water all over it.

Clearly Khaled was not expecting this. “Oh s**t, oh s**t!,” he exclaimed while throwing his hands up in the air.

But James would not stop, and in the end, DJ Khaled had to pratically beg her to stop.

“No, no, don’t do that!”  Khaled continued to plead: “I got a family. It’s all love. Just talk to me normal. Talk to me normal!,”

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But not even that could stop James who continued to dance and pour water on herself- DJ Khaled had to cover his eyes, and decided enough was enough and removed her from the live, stating: “Nah I can’t. I can’t.”

Since then, James has publicly expressed her utmost respect for DJ Khaled and his family and shared that since the clip of her unwanted twerking has circulated she has been constantly harassed online.