Justin Bieber using ‘prayer and meditation’ to help him through quarantine

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been using “prayer and meditation” to help him through quarantine.

The I Don’t Care hitmaker has been trying to “stay physical and active” throughout the lockdown period to help boost his mood when he is “feeling low”.

He said: “Prayer and meditation. What’s helped me is that I work out a lot; stay physical and stay active. I pray and meditate, things like that. I write music, listen to music. Music is very powerful; it can really help you when you’re feeling low.”

And the 26-year-old singer—who is quarantining with his wife Hailey—is enjoying cooking “a little bit”. He added: “We’re cooking a little bit. We’re lucky we have a chef at home. Yeah, Hailey and I have been cooking a little bit. We cooked a penne pasta the other night, that was really good.”

And Justin wants to head to the Bahamas after lockdown to get some more sun. Speaking to Sirius XM on Instagram live, he shared: “I was thinking of going somewhere warm because we’re in Canada right now and it’s freezing. So I was thinking of going to the Bahamas or somewhere warm.”