Kanye dropping gospel album ‘Jesus Is King’?

Did Kim Kardashian West hint to the world a gospel project from husband rapper Kanye West?  Yesterday, the reality star took to her Instagram story and posted a list of tracks, with the title “Jesus Is King” and “September 29th” written at the bottom.

Instagram post from Kim Kardashian-West showing a list of gospel songs titled Jesus Is King and the date September 29 at the bottom.

When the West family in January of this year announced they will be having Sunday morning services, many wondered what exactly the service would entail. Weeks before the Jenner and Kardashian clan had been showing snippets of rehearsals on their social media.

What is the Sunday service?

Some describe it as a musical sermon. The service focuses heavily on music, so they will sing gospel songs and will also change the beat on secular music and arrange them as gospel songs.

The service has strict rules to abide by, as it is by invitation only and each guest signs a non-disclosure agreement.

Since Kim posted the tracklist the review from social media has been 50/50, some saying, “Yes and it’s releasing at the end of Sept.” and others “Can y’all stop pushing this fairy tale?”

So tell us BUZZ fam, will you be getting your worship on with a Kanye West gospel album if it drops?