Kanye releases expensive line of election merch

(Photo: TMZ)

Rapper Kanye West may just be trying to make back some of that money he spent on his US presidential campaign. On Wednesday night, while vice president candidates, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, were debating, West was releasing his line of election merch.

His collection includes $60 hats and $160 hoodies with messages like ‘Vote Kanye’ and ‘God Save America’.

And the 43-year-old rapper used the VP debates as a shameless plug for his merch.

“They had to get the merch first,” he tweeted with a video of him fitting a hat on Harris’s and Pence’s head while they debate on his television.

His presidential campaign website also asks supporters for donations starting from $20 to $2800. If these donations help and West gets to the White House, then he’ll work to change a number of policies. These include: restoring prayer in classrooms, reducing household and student loan debt, working on equality in the criminal justice system, and taking care of the environment.