Kanye West in Jamaica… but what about quarantine?

Not long after urinating on his Grammy Award, rapper Kanye West has found himself in Jamaica, and he has not been in quarantine.

Rapper Kanye West in studio with Buju Banton.

On Friday afternoon, the rap star shared a picture of him and Buju having a discussion in what seemed like the reggae artiste’s studio in St Andrew.

“GREATNESS IN THE MAKING,” was his caption.

Usually, fans would be eager to know what kind of work the two would be doing together. But not this time. They were more concerned about the fact that Kanye would not have quarantined for the 14 days as required for people who have arrived in Jamaica from overseas as per the COVID-19 protocols.

“Him nuh quarantine cuz 2 days ago him did a p*ss pon Twitter,” one person said.

“So him no quarantine? A wa kinda cho bubble gum foolishness a gwan ya so? Mi no understand them ppl ya,” another added.

While some were concerned about quarantine, others just wanted the entertainers to put on masks.

“Buju baby 👑👑👑👑get a mask husband plz,” one social media user said.

This is Kanye’s second time in Jamaica in about a year, as he staged his Sunday Service worship session at Emancipation Park in New Kingston in October 2019.