Kanye West spent US$12 million of own money on election campaign

Kanye West makes his first presidential campaign appearance, Sunday, July 19, 2020 in North Charleston, S.C. (Photo: Lauren Petracca Ipetracca/The Post And Courier via AP)

Kanye West spent over US$12 million of his own money to get 66,000 votes in the US presidential election last November.

That’s about $182 per vote, in case you were wondering.

The disclosure was made by in his final Federal Election Commission report.

According to Billboard, most of West’s campaign funds went to “ballot access” services and consulting after he qualified to run in 12 states.

And if you’re wondering what else he spent money on, it sees clothing, naturally. Apparel was the next biggest expense for his campaign, with US$918,130 being spent on it.

But it seems the rapper turned mogul also had contributions from well-wishes who sent over $2 million to his run.

While it wasn’t a successful go by any measure, West only received 0.04 per cent of the votes cast, we wouldn’t be surprised if the artiste took his Ls from this attempt for another run in 2024.