Kapow! Batman and the gang are coming to Spotify!

Superheroes have long dominated the small and big screens and now they’re coming to a podcast near you.

Spotify has announced it will be the home to scripted shows from the DC Comics.

Well, to Spotify, that is.

That’s right, we will soon be able to listen to the ‘whams’, ‘kapows’ and ‘bams’ of our favourite DC Comics characters fighting villains and saving earth from certain doom on a Spotify podcast.

AT&T Inc.’s Warner Bros., which houses DC Comics, and Spotify, shared the news today, June 18, in what is a major multi-year deal for the Swedish streaming service.

Spotify is the world’s largest paid audio service.

DC Comics is the home of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many other cult faves in the comic book world.

AT&T Inc.’s Warner Bros. will produce a slate of original scripted podcasts based on the DC Comics.

Nothing has yet been revealed on when the shows will likely be released.