Karbon looking to build a vibe with weed inspired tracks

Karbon (photo: Instagram @1Karbon)

Reggae artiste Karbon is looking for his big break with his latest tracks; Like A Feather and Highgrade Maka. Both songs are a tribute to the marijuana herb and have been steadily developing a buzz among listeners since their release. 

In an interview with BUZZ, Karbon described the efforts as his favourites releases so far. “My favourite mainstream songs are Like A Feather and Highgrade Maka. Like A Feather was first recorded as a dub at 12 Yaad Records for the mixtape, Riddim Salute. He went on to explain that the track was done on the M16 riddim.

Meanwhile, he shared that High Grade Maka, was a remix of Tekno’s hit Pana. “The inspiration came from the motherland from Tekno’s ‘Pana’ hit single. I remixed a love song into a herb song” he remarked.

So far, he shared that he’s been getting good feedback on the tracks. “Each time I release a track I’ve received the same positive vibrations and frequencies,” he remarked.

Karbon says his music brings healing

Karbon says his music brings “healing”, and lists his influences as Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk, Richie Spice, I Wayne, and the late Vaughn Benjamin of the Midnite Band.

“Healing and motivating the ones who are in need globally with a sensational substantial expression within the solid levity of the Rastafari culture,” he explained.

His passion for singing has been embedded since he was a child.

“I began singing ever since I became conscious of I self, from the very tender stage. In I early teens I wrote I first song titled ‘Ghetto Yout Jobless” he related. He describes is singing as a “wailing sound with soul echoing throughout the world from the depths of the projects of Jamaica.”

Karbon grew up in Manchester in the community of Broadleaf before journeying to Kingston where he now lives in the Standpipe, St Andrew. He shared that his journey has only just begun and he’s working on being is best self.

“I am working with faith to be the best version of I self with the strength and inspiration from the great ones who came before,” he remarked.