Kartel drops ‘gyallis’ anthem with ‘Quick Quick Quick’

Vybz Kartel

Imprisoned dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel is out to let us know that he has the ability to steal your lady in his latest track, Quick Quick Quick.

During the three minutes and twenty-second song, Addi is flawless on the track as he basically taunts unsuspecting males that he has the moves to get their girl with the aid of his taxi driver.

“Quick quick quick, cabbie, yow a Addi/ pick up thirty gyal for me inna the lobby/ don’t stop for nobody, just trod it/ don’t left no evidence, destroy it,” goes Kartel while also adding that taxi drivers make a lot of money from his trysts and wives become unfaithful because of him.

The song is released on the ‘Upfull’ rhythm and has generated a lot of views in just a few hours since it has been uploaded. It has also elicited a number of comments from fans who have expressed their love for the track.