Keep it sexy during quarantine, says D’Angel

Quarantine has brought out the au naturel in many women, some of whom are ditching the cosmetics and sundresses for baggy T-shirts and loungewear.

Dancehall artist D'Angel poses in a green form fitted dress

But according to singjay D’Angel, this period of isolation should not be taken for time-off from being sexy, even if you’re stuck at home.

“Quarantine right now is crazy, mi would just seh dress up inna yuh house and turn on your man… Nuh badda look mash up and stay bad inna di house,” D’Angel said during a recent Instagram live with Macka Diamond.

“Any man mi deh wid, all when mi a 100-years-old him, cya seh a sex a my problem; mi always haffi up there.”

– Macka Diamond

Though she said she is currently not in a relationship, D’Angel encouraged women to slip into something seductive and set the mood for their partner, and to get creative if kids are around.

“When di pickney dem gone a dem bed, surprise him,” she said. “Put on the heels, no man nah resist that… step out inna bed, gwaan wid yourself, light up your likkle room wid your likkle fragrances, yuh candle light and put on your favourite love song. Just dance fi him, turn him on and mek him happy. That will relieve him stress cause man love sex.”

Macka Diamond was in agreement and even shared that she loves to be semi-naked at home. Perhaps too much information for some people, but the ‘Cucumber’ singjay isn’t about to let anyone “take her man.”

“Dem waan when yuh reach certain age yuh fi dress like old woman so dem can tek weh yuh good good man weh yuh siddung and plan life wid for how much years so di man can get turned off and go look dem,” Macka said. “Mi nuh inna it wid dem. Anytime a gal feel like she hotter than me, a lie she a tell. Any man mi deh wid, all when mi a 100-years-old him cya seh a sex a my problem, mi always haffi up there.”

Well BUZZ ladies, what does your quarantine fashion look like? Will you be making any changes after hearing what D’Angel and Macka have to say?

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