Keep it to yourself: Jamaican comedian tackles coronavirus with song

Jamaican comedian Kevin ‘Kevin2woKrayzee’ Swaby has highlighted coronavirus in a track called Keep It To Yourself.

While some people have gone on a buying frenzy as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Jamaican comedian Kevin ‘Kevin2woKrayzee’ Swaby is making light of the issue while informing the public.

The popular social media personality did a remake of Queen Ifrica’s Keep It To Yourself in which he sang about coronavirus and ways to limit the spread of the disease.

“Dat bad still my yute.”

— Queen Ifrica

“If yuh feel like yuh wah cough, keep it to yourself/ Yuh feel like yuh wah sneeze, keep it to yourself/ Mi nuh wah ketch corona, keep it to yourself,” he said in the video that he posted on Instagram on Wednesday evening.

Kevin also said he would be avoiding ‘boom fists’ and ‘thumb flicks’. And he mentioned the use of gloves, face masks and Lysol while urging persons to wash their hands.

But in all of that, the comedian urged the public to remain calm. “No need to panic,” he said.

Based on his interesting take on educating the public about the virus, it is not surprising that he would get the approval of Queen Ifrica.

“Dat bad still my yute. Only Jamaica, if mi love wi one more time,” she commented.

The video was viewed more than 34,000 times within 14 hours, and it has received more than 500 comments. There were also persons calling on Kevin to release the song officially or begin a career as a recording artiste.