Kelly Rowland drops new EP, ‘K’

Kelly Rowland released her EP K today, just a month after giving birth to her second child.

Kelly Rowland (Photo: CNN)

The former Destiny’s Child member said, “A couple of months ago, I said I’ll have two births: the birth of the baby and the birth of an album.

“Some songs I’ve had for years, some of the songs I’ve had for maybe a year or a couple of months, but it’s all come together so beautifully.”

The six-track project is heavily influenced by Afrobeat rhythms and features singles Crazy, Hitman, Black Magic and Better.

About the last track, the 40-year-old said she tells a lot of her and husband, Tim Weatherspoon’s business.

“When I hear a song, I don’t hear it for, ‘Is this going to be a hit record?’ I hear it for how it makes me feel … and with the records that everyone will hear on the (EP), there’s a connection to all of them.”