Kemar Highcon claps back at colourism claims after photos draw criticism

Dancehall artiste Kemar Highcon is clapping back at social media users who are accusing him of colourism.

Dancehall artiste Kemar Highcon

The accusation is based on several posts that he has made since late February, with the latest being two photos of himself and a light-skinned woman.

The pictures were taken in Costa Rica where the artiste has been with his team, Konshens and Konshens’ wife.

While his peers have virtually popped his collar for the saucy photos, other users are relating it to a history of black celebrities “dating up”.

“Suh nuh artists nuh want nuh black girl again?” one person asked.

“Black women should stop supporting and listening to this man because it’s obvious where his love and respect is and it’s not towards us…”

Highcon caught wind of the backlash and responded to one critic, “A your biniz or mine? Suck yuh mother.”

The criticism extended to the woman’s features, and other people came to her defense. 

“SMH she’s human too you know, she’s a woman! Hence he can be with any woman he wants, black, white, blue, green, orange or yellow…”

“I’m not feeling the hate on this post between women. We’re supposed to big up each other not judge. So she’s light-skinned. Love is love…”

Another wrote, “Why women always the ones who have such an issue with white women even if it’s just a photo that could literally be anything. I rarely see men have an issue. Kemar Highcon whatever it is, whether it a video or ur woman do ur thing and be happy.” He responded with hearts.

In a follow-up post partly captioned “#Toxic”, Highcon posted another photo hugging the same woman at the beach.

“Yeh bro, post a dozen more and mad dem,” one fan supported.

Others have suspected that the images are related to an upcoming music video. Late last month, the artist released the music video for his song Sneak Out, which stars a fair-skinned woman. The video has only received less than 10,000 views, so Highcon could very well be generating controversy to have folks check out the project.

The colourist comments are also evident in the video posts he has made promoting Sneak Out.

“Look pon European brainwashing…here goes another Jamaica male thinking he is doing great because he has a Caucasian female in his video!!!”

“It’s the snow bunny for me…dah bredda nah ramp.”

“Video would be sexier if she was brown skin beauty.”

Another read, “Attention ya look. No 2 song alone u have.”