Kemar Highcon’s ‘sauce’ is a hit with youngsters

Kemar Highcon performing during the grand opening for the May Pen branch of Pizza Hut.

Kemar Highcon is certainly the perfect match for corporate Jamaica. Filled with life and vibrancy, the 29-year-old fast-rising dancehall artiste has undoubtedly positioned himself as the perfect marketing tool.

The ‘Sauce Boss’ embarked on his musical journey in 2013 and recently became a hit sensation locally and internationally with So Saucy. He has also anchored himself to Shaggy’s Ranch Entertainment label.

“He (Kemar Highcon) appeals to the younger market.”

— Pizza Hut’s Levene Sheriff

And since his rise to stardom in Jamaica, the artiste has managed to snag partnerships with telecommunications company Digicel and fast food enterprise Pizza Hut.

Grab attention

Speaking with BUZZ at the recent launch of Kemar Highcon’s EP, Levene Sheriff, the marketing officer of Pizza Hut Jamaica, said that the entertainer has the ability to grab the attention of the younger generation, a demographic that her company is targeting.

“The Sauce Boss, of course, he appeals to the younger market, and we are for the younger market and also his album is called Sauce Is Forever and Pizza Hut is all about the sauce. Sauce Is Forever aligns so well with Pizza Hut,” she told BUZZ.

“So, as he grows, we want to grow with him as well. So, we think that it makes a good partnership to support him, and of course, Pizza Hut is all about supporting the younger artistes and unique individuals,” she added.