Kemar Highcon’s ‘So Saucy’ remix to feature Shaggy and Spice

Dancehall artiste Kemar Highcon has been having an amazing year.

Kemar Highcon is adding more flavour to his breakout hit, So Saucy, with an all-star remix. The track, which will also be produced by New York’s Track Starr, will feature Spice, and Highcon’s mentor, Grammy-winning artiste Shaggy.

“That remix is gonna be coming out in a couple of days, sauce is forever so the sauce has to continue,” he told BUZZ.

Boost shelf-life

Spice is expected to bring extra flavour to the ‘So Saucy’ remix.

Remixes usually boost the shelf-life of a song, as recently evident in Stylo G’s Dumpling remix, which features Spice and Sean Paul.  

Highcon, however, said he has no particular expectations of the upcoming release.

“For me, I just make the music work for itself,” he started. “Sometimes a song takes one month or one year to take off, so for me, just make good music and the people will gravitate to it. It’s an awesome song to begin with so with Spice and Shaggy on it, it’s only better.”

Shaggy is Kemar Highcon’s mentor and friend.

The original single, which made its debut in late 2018, stands as one of the most popular songs in Jamaica for 2019. Its follow-up, Talk Bout, also favoured well with music lovers, especially in the dance circuit.

Grateful for growth

Even though he clearly has the approval of the dance scene, Highcon said he does not feel limited to penning only danceable songs.

“I just make music that people can connect to,” he said. “Right now, ‘feel good’ music is where it’s at for me. People like to get in that mood, and if I can contribute to that, why not?”

With 2018 culminating in a few days, Highcon is grateful for a year of growth. His music was aired on mainstream platforms, and he scored brand deals with Digicel and Pizza Hut – a win for the singjay who embarked on a musical journey in 2013.

“It’s my biggest year. I think I made a mark for people to remember,” he said. “It’s just the beginning, but I feel like it’s a good and strong beginning.”