Kendall + Kylie’s New Curvy Collection right in time for the holiday

Kendall and Kylie partnered with Ashley Stewart to produce their newest, most glamorous trends yet.

The fashion icon and moguls collaborated their styles to drop their first line this holiday. They plan on launching three product line-ups, ranging from shiny sequins and jumpsuits to metallic dresses.

The new product launch features tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, and accessories, all starting at USD $53, with sizes between 10 and 24. 

“Ashley Stewart’s core mission has always been to advocate for women, which includes providing her with equal access to the fashion styles they love, so we’re proud to be the brand to launch Kendall + Kylie’s first ever inclusively sized collection to the Ashley Stewart family and our ever-expanding community base,” said James Rhee, Chairman, and CEO of Ashley Stewart.

The first launch hits Ashley Stewart today, but there’s more where that came from. The second and third drops will go viral in early 2020. For now, Buzz got you covered with the curvy collection that was made for the holiday season. What’s your favorite?