Kevin Downswell announces upcoming album at inspiring singles release

After four long years, gospel recording artiste, Kevin Downswell surprised fans with the release date of his fourth album on Friday, January 17 putting to bed weeks of rumours and speculation on when he would unveil the follow-up to All The Way – his third studio production.

Kevin Downswell’s new project which will feature local and international collaborations. (Photo: Kevin Downswell website)

The artiste made the announcement at his double single debut release at 23 Westminster Road, Kingston, Jamaica.

A throng of supporters who flocked the venue in hunger for the release of his highly anticipated songs: Super to my Natural and Carry Me were also treated to an unexpected album release date.

In an exclusive interview with BUZZ the minister told us that the launch of his album will take off at his annual Realignment tour set for June 20, which will couple with the divine atmosphere.

The emphatic gospel singer is excited about his upcoming fourth studio project (Photo: Kevin Downswell website)

“The album comes out June 20th on the same day we do Realignment. We are going to use that stage to launch my fourth studio project,” he shared.

The album release he said will feature a slew of guest appearances by some of Jamaica’s talented musicians and supported by a musical catalogue of international artistes that will cement the artiste’s vision for his album.

“The album is strong. There is no other words I can use; the album has strong collaborations locally and internationally. There will be some big collaborations internationally. This is something that I have been praying about for a while and we finally got to that place,” he said blissfully.

“The album is diverse, it is worship. You will hear me do reggae in a way that I have never done.”

— Kevin Downswell

He says the album demonstrates an unforeseen musical touch that he is in high gears to share with his fans.

“The album is diverse, it is worship. You will hear me do reggae in a way that I have never done because out of all my genres reggae was always the one I needed the most growth and the song dem ago reach. They are relatable and they connect,” he told BUZZ ecstatically.

Hailing from Westmoreland, the musician has positioned himself as one of Jamaica’s leading gospel artistes. He shared that supporters both elderly and the young have been piercing his skin for new music.

“Everywhere I would go people would say Kevin mi wah new music from yuh bredda and even kids at my own church have been asking me for new music,” he shared.