Kevin Hart gets discharged from hospital

American actor Kevin Hart
American actor Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has been discharged from hospital.

The 40-year-old actor has spent the past 10 days recuperating from back surgery after he suffered three fractures in his spine following a car crash in Malibu. However, doctors now feel he is ready to leave their care and enter a live-in rehab facility so that he can complete the next stage of his recovery, “intense physical therapy”.

According to, the comedian is “grateful” he’s alive after the serious smash but is “glad” he’s out of hospital after almost two weeks in bed.

A source has told the gossip website that Kevin is expected to spend around a week at the live-in facility and then medical professionals are hoping to get him home where he can start outpatient care.

However, he will have a back brace fitted for support, and will need “round-the-clock” medical support as he continues to recover away from the hospital.

The Night School star is said to already be walking again thanks to his successful surgery, and so won’t require a wheelchair to aid his mobility.