Kevin Lyttle mixes soca, afrobeat and dancehall for ‘Nikki’

Kevin Lyttle broke on to the international music scene with Turn Me On.

Vincentian entertainer Kevin Lyttle has been heating things up recently with his new single, Nikki.

The track, which is produced by Latin musician DJ Slim, is described by Lyttle as a hybrid of dancehall, afrobeat and soca.

“See, I realise that doing my regular Kevin Lyttle type singing on the record would not work, and I needed to tap into my more singjay dancehall side,” Lyttle shared. “I met DJ Slim for the first time when he played for me at a beach party in Abu Dhabi of which I was headlining. Since then he had been keeping in contact and been sending me beats to work on.”

Climbing charts

After being released on January 17, Nikki has accumulated more than 42,000 views on YouTube and has been climbing charts globally.

“My regular Kevin Lyttle type singing on the record would not work.”

— Kevin Lyttle

Kevin broke on to the scene back in 2003 with his worldwide smash hit single Turn Me On featuring dancehall artiste Spragga Benz. That track was a fusion of reggae and soca, which means that the idea of mixing genres in not new to Lyttle.

“Fusing of genres has happened. The world of our diverse cultures has also become more connected and embraced by each other,” he said.

“Music being one such thing which is changing for the better not just in the fusion of sound but in the access, which has levelled the playing field of the music business and opened the eyes of its creators to see the limitless possibilities in the songs that they can create.”

Bright future

Kevin hopes to connect with more of his Caribbean fans this year.

And Kevin’s eyes have been open to two reggae newcomers – Sevana and Grammy award-winning Koffee.

“I’m very impressed so far with Sevana. I think she’s super talented and has a bright future ahead in the industry. I’m also a fan of Koffee whom I think has been a blessing for the Caribbean sound,” he said.

Kevin concluded with a commitment to connecting more with his Caribbean fans this year. “I’ll also be making plans to visit the Caribbean a lot more this year and reconnect with my culture,” he said.