Kevoy Burton pens first book after visiting Ghana

Kevoy Burton was inspired to write his book after visiting Ghana, Africa. (Photos: Don Waysome)

When actor and TV host Kevoy Burton journeyed to Ghana for his role in Joseph earlier this year, a book was not on his mind. However, he is now officially an author after publishing Black People: The Losing Race on August 7.

“Going to Africa gave me the idea to write this book,” he told BUZZ.

Although he has no experience as an author, Burton said that he wrote the 29-page book in two weeks. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon Kindle, and it has already been downloaded more than 50 times. However, he said that physical copies will become available in the coming weeks.

Burton is also known for his roles in Real Friends and Ghett’a Life.

The description for Black People: The Losing Race on Amazon says: “This book takes a deeper look as to why black nations are failing. It is a call to action for every person of colour to get up and make themselves great again.”

Burton, who is known for his roles in Real Friends and Ghett’a Life, explained that when he went to Ghana for Joseph, his eyes were opened to the beauty, rich culture and wealth of the African continent. However, that visit also opened his eyes to other realities, especially in the western world.

“I take a look at the progress we’ve made as a people, and I don’t think it’s great,” Burton told BUZZ. “I think most of it is our fault because we are easily bought, easily persuaded and easily led. I feel like we are losing because we don’t understand that with unity comes strength. And black people as a whole, we are divided.”