Keznamdi scores big collab: Artiste teams up with Tory Lanez for ‘City Lock’

Keznamdi hopes to make a big impact with City Lock.

Jamaican entertainer Keznamdi might have a hit on his hands after teaming up with Canadian star Tory Lanez for City Lock.

City Lock was released on Valentine’s Day, but it isn’t a love song. It is a hard-hitting song with Keznamdi showing his militant style as a singjay. Lanez does his bit by singing the hook, and he sounds quite Jamaican, a testament to the heavy influence of Jamaica culture in his native Toronto in Canada.

Canadian star Tory Lanez

The track is laced with awesome lyrics and flows, showing that Keznamdi intends to continue working on his craft in an effort to become a household name.

City Lock is the first official release from Keznamdi’s his impending album, Bloodline, which is due out on March 13.