KFC is testing new chicken sandwich

Pretty soon, you’ll have more than the KFC Zinger sandwich to choose from. The multinational fastfood chain has began testing a new premium chicken sandwich in Orlando, Florida.

It’s called the “KFC Chicken Sandwich”. According to KFC, it’s an extra crispy chicken filet placed on a buttered brioche bun and topped with pickles and spicy or classic mayonnaise. It costs US$3.99 for the sandwich only, while the combination meal with fries and a medium drink costs US$6.99.

KFC’s chief marketing officer, Andrea Zahumensky, told CNN that the sandwich “boasts an upgrade of every single component.” It includes a chicken filet that’s 20% larger. It has thicker pickles and a new type of bun to “hug it in the right way.” 

If this sandwich is successful, then it will be rolled out in KFC chains in the United States first. However, no timeline has been given for its introduction anywhere else in the world.