KFC Jamaica introduces 2-for-1 Famous Bowl deals…for now

The Famous Bowl, an offering on KFC Jamaica’s ‘value meals’ retails for $405, but for a limited time, if you cop one, they give you two!! (Photo: KFC Jamaica)

No, BUZZ fam, this isn’t an excuse to overcrowd your favourite KFC outlet but for a limited time, lovers of the iconic Famous Bowls can get two for the price of one, for a limited time.

The offer, called the Famous Bowl Double-Up, will be available at all 35 KFC branches across 11 parishes in Jamaica.

There’s one catch though, the offer is only available on weekdays, (i.e. between Mondays and Fridays) and applies to peak lunchtime customers between 12noon and 3:00 pm each day.

Judging from initial reactions, Jamaicans are welcoming the move, as many can’t wait to cash in on the deal – before treating their taste buds to the smooth mashed potatoes, gravy, popcorn chicken (in either original or BBQ style), sweet corn and melted cheese.

Just in time for the reopening of the economy but tell us BUZZ fam, how are we feeling about this?