Khago is now a farmer, raising chickens, planting yams in Manchester

Dancehall artiste, Khago

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard a song from dancehall artiste Khago recently it’s because he’s been busy farming.

Well, that and winning a huge payout from a lawsuit.

In a recent interview with The Entertainment Report, Khago showed off his yam field and chicken coop at his home in Manchester.

He shared that his chicken business first started because he wanted to do something for his young son.

“Mi likkle son mi wah teach him di hustling. Mi nuh want him be a scamma, mi want him be a ‘schema’. So him a scheme likkle chicken here and there so mi buy 100 fi him and mi seh ‘wow, mi hand gree wid dem’ so mi buy 500 fi miself,” he said.

Khago, who rears the chicken on a side of his expansive house, says he intends to also convert a side of the house into a shop where he can sell his chickens directly.

“Mi ago mek chicken dem tan pon fridge and people come buy dem from mi one one man,” he said. “A thousand chicken a million and add dollar eno, and it tek six weeks fi come in.”