Kia cars score high on reliability

The South Korean motor company Kia is carving out a reputation for style and reliability.

(Photos: Don Waysome)

The confidence in its reliability sees it offering a seven-year warranty where other carmakers tend to offer just three.

Sleek Kia Sportage at the dealership in Kingston, Jamaica

Kia’s reliability has been noted.

CNN put Kia 6th out of 10 in their table in 2015. The following year J.D. Power ranked it No. 1 for reliability. The UK’s Telegraph newspaper placed Kia 3 out of 20 for the most reliable car brand of 2017. 

Kia has upped the ante on the use of technology with its infotainment system being one of the best around.

Of the Kia brands, the Sportage and Sorento have been rated the most reliable. Kia owners talk proudly of clocking high mileage without having to make constant trips to the mechanic.

The Seoul-based motor company has also stepped up its game in styling and design and this one can see with the increased models gracing Jamaica’s roads.

Kia Optima

Kia’s decade-long focus on craftsmanship and continuous improvement reflects the voice of our customers which is the ultimate affirmation.

Chief Operating Of Kia Motors America, Michael Sprague

According to Top Gear, Kia is now rivalling some of Europe’s top car brands with vehicles for every segment. The top TV car show is of the view that Kia vehicles are competitively priced, reliable, offer good value and quality and are getting better with time.