King Calie reigns victorious in semi final of Magnum’s Top Performa competition

King Calie came out on top in semi-final one of Magnum’s Top Performa competition.

Following his win King Calie has secured his spot in the finals of the competition.

While happy about his win, King Calie, said that the competition has been stiff, noting that it took a tremendous effort to come out on top.

“This industry requires nerves of steel. This week of voting was particularly challenging, round two was no pushover but we had to call in the calvary on this one,” King Calie said.

“Nail biting but in the end hard work paid off, both on the stage and in the field. Endless gratitude to all who are in support of King Calie,” King Calie added.

As for King Calie’s opponent, Tatik , he expressed similar sentiments about the intensity of the competition, noting that nonetheless he remains grateful for the increased visibility that the competition has afforded him.

“Well, myself and King Calie we both did a great job, but you done know its all up to the people to vote [and] it was, but you know we never give up, at the end of the day only one person can get through but that doesn’t stop the journey, ” said Tatik.

“So far I’ve gained a lot of followers, more listeners and producer links- so I just want to big up Magnum and Romeich Entertainment for all of this,” he added.

The winner of the Top Performa competition will walk away with $1,000,000 and a music video produced by Romeich.