Kirk Franklin addresses “toxic” relationship with son: “I’m not his equal, I’m his dad”

Kirk Franklin

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin has opened up about the relationship between him and his eldest son, Kerrion, following a leaked heated phone conversation between the two.

Franklin appeared on the Tamron Hall Show yesterday (March 17) alongside his wife, Tammy Collins, to publicly address his relationship with Kerrion, 33, for the time.

“In that fight, it can become so difficult that my humanity, unfortunately, that day, won.”

– Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin said Terrion had been in and out of therapy for over two decades and that his aggression towards the Stomp singer increased as he grew older.

Franklin told Hall, “Now that he’s about to be 33 as a grown man the relationship at times can become very agitated and very frustrated…but I’m not going to stop trying to help.

“He’s my son, he’s my firstborn, and I never want him to feel what I felt not having a father…It’s important for me because what if that call is the call that things change.”

Despite expressing regret at the language used to address his son in the leaked audio, which he apologised for in an Instagram video on the weekend, Franklin said he is not his son’s equal.

“I respect Kerrion. I’m not Kerrion’s equal though. I’m not his equal, I’m his dad,” he said firmly. “And when you talk to me, especially about things that you say that you want from me, I can’t hear you when you are extremely aggressive when we’re communicating, and that’s why a lot of times, Kerrion and I haven’t talked sometimes for a year or two.”

He shared that their relationship has been “toxic” but that he should have responded better. “In that fight, it can become so difficult that my humanity, unfortunately, that day, won,” he said. “And I’m going to keep trying, while still continuing to admit that I am an imperfect man fighting to serve a perfect God.”