Koffee and Buju Banton release music video for remix of ‘Pressure’

Almost a month after reggae artiste Buju Banton was featured on the remix of Koffee’s Pressure, the two have released a music video.

Koffee and Buju Banton pose during the Pressure music video.

The visuals for the track became available on YouTube on Tuesday, October 20.

In the music video, several timely issues were highlighted. Viewers saw clips from Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, Canada, England, Denmark, Ireland and Holland.

There was also a scene with an elderly man, seemingly locked away from his family because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In between clips of Buju and Koffee singing on the steps of an old house and in an open field, there were also ordinary Jamaicans who simply looked sad. But in the end, things got better and some of them were laughing and dancing at a party.

Just like when the remix was released on September 25, listeners showed appreciation for the music video.

“This and lockdown are the greatest songs to come out this year! Tek win,” one person commented on Koffee’s Instagram page.

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On YouTube, another added: “I love Koffee… Seems like Buju has evolved a lot since his old school music – this is an awesome collaboration for many reasons – loving the unity and love vibes in this video – thanks Koffee for bringing such a strong message of love and oneness and acceptance in all you do. Keep making the Caribbean proud.”

“Nah lie, this brighten up mi mawnin….caa mek di pressure buss di pipe. Love the video,” one social media user said.

Pressure was originally released on July 30, receiving 1.3 million views on YouTube. A lyric video followed weeks later, and it got more than one million views.