Koffee for the win: ‘W’ racks up more than one million views in two days

In a matter of days since Koffee dropped her latest single ‘W’, the video has racked up more than one million views on YouTube.

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The song, which was done in collaboration with rapper Yung Gunna out of Atlanta, has been getting rave reviews since its release.

W, which has joined the million-views club alongside some of her other hits, has Koffee bringing out her lyrical prowess.

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She is still expressing thanks in her music as she says: “Give thanks in everything we do, low the L tek the W”.

The song was released on Wednesday (November 26) along with a music video that was directed by Matt Baron.

The video depicts persons preparing to weather a storm in Koffee’s island home, Jamaica, but are pleasantly surprised when the storm arrives as dollar bills start raining – literally.

It also features the young star in a church setting where she, at points, leads the choir in the rendition of the song.

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This is the latest in what can be considered a massive year for Koffee with her recent nomination for a Grammy for her breakout EP, Rapture.

This is definitely another ‘W’ for Koffee.